Net Power Marketing, Inc, based in Fairfax County Virginia, has been in business for 16  years. We create Internet marketing programs that produce measurable results.  Our company provides custom, affordable website design services and internet marketing programs tailored to your business goals.
Website strategy has become more complex, more competitive, and more crucial.  Do you have an integrated plan? Call us today to discuss your specific needs.

  • Professional website design & redesign services
  • Search engine optimization (SEO services)
  • Industrial & commercial Internet strategy
  • Localized Internet strategy
  • Audiologist Internet strategy
  • Managed pay per click advertising (PPC) in Google, YAHOO and Bing
  • E-commerce and CAD library development
  • Print brochure development and graphic art
  • Custom flash websites
  • Affordable e-commerce website design
  • Free audits
  • Mobile website design

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