Google Adds Callouts to AdWords Program

The Google ad platform called AdWords is constantly being improved and expanded. The improvements provide more opportunity to gain an advertising advantage. However,  those improvements mean more complexity. This is where a certified Google ad agency has a huge advantage over novice-directed or self-directed AdWords programs. The latest improvement is an option to add "callouts". This lets you expand your ad text past the usual character limits of 25 for the ad headline and 105 for the ad text. Too, if created wisely these callouts can  improve click rates and ad success. As the name implies, callouts allow you to hi-lite your advantages in short hard-hitting phrases. Examples may be; free shipping, in stock, ISO certified, 2 year warranty, price matching, free consultation, etc. We offer free audits of any AdWords program. To find out  if your Google advertising could be more effective with a certified agency on your side, call us.

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