Google Ads vs. Junk Mail

The image shows one days worth of junk mail received in my mailbox. About 33% of these pieces were addressed to a person that has not lived here for 7 years. And the senders think they are marketing!  I guess they feel good about sending thousands of pieces of paper carrying their messages. Direct mail relies on the premise that these sellers must go out and find buyers to increase business. It makes sense. The only problem is that their messages may not reach potential buyers at the RIGHT TIME. Rather than you - the seller - trying to find that elusive buyer that has a need for your product/service right now there is a better way. Position yourself so the buyer finds you in response to a current need. In the old days print directories, like the Yellow Pages, helped buyers find sellers. It was very effective. Then Google came along and created an electronic "directory". It was the greatest advertising platform ever invented. However Google Ad Words is complex and changing.  If you wade into it as a novice you can waste a lot of ad dollars. We can help you create a localized Google and Bing ad program that will outperform direct junk mail. The buyers are searching for your product and service at Google. Can they find you?

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