How to Write Effective Content for Your Website

Every Webpage is an Opportunity to Capture, or Lose, Your Audience. Write Succinctly!


Paragraph text writing tips for effective digital communication - and optimized webpages

It starts with keyword research. First you must do-or hire a professional agency- to do formal keyword research. This determines how people are searching for your product or service. Then build keyword lists relative to each of your website pages.  These lists will show internet search variations -and search volume- for some of your keyword terms.  Your task is to write at least one paragraph for each web page, mixing in these key terms as you see fit.  The keyword lists are by no means exhaustive and you should factor in your own judgment. Not all keywords will be appropriate and many will be slight variations. They are simply idea lists based on known search behavior. As you write your website text please make sure that it makes sense to your human visitors. This is critical. Think about your market advantages and write to them. Don't "stuff" keywords into your text in an attempt to gain high rankings! This will hurt your potential for rankings.  


People want content fast and there is on old “3-second”rule. That rule states that when someone lands on a webpage they take no longer than 3 seconds to determine if that webpage is relevant to their search. If they see no relevancy in 3 seconds, they leave. The technical rule is called VSET.  When a searcher lands on your webpage they want to:

V= instantly Verify that they are on a site that has the information they want

S= quickly Search for the exact products, services and specifications they need

E= easily Evaluate the information presented so they can make a preliminary decision

T= Take action (called a conversion) i.e. place a call, send an e-mail, download a PDF, send an RFQ, sign up for a newsletter or order online


Bullet text writing tips for effective digital communication - and optimized webpages

Most people landing on your webpages want to quickly verify that the page is relevant to their needs. People quickly “scan” webpage content for this verification. They tend to look for bulleted text points as quick verification of relevancy. As such, it may be wise to write 4-10 strong bullet points per page that underscore your value proposition. These should include both your corporate and product-service advantages.


Webpage text content must strike a balance between pleasing two major audiences: humans and search engine "crawlers". Both audiences visit your website. Humans visit in response to a perceived need driven by a search. Crawlers are technology that visit to determine how your webages should be ranked, based on an infinite number of potential search terms. For example, your website will be crawled by both Googlebot Desktop and Googlebot Smartphone crawlers. Your challenge is to write text that will satisfy both humans and crawlers. Since 2001 we have assisted hundreds on companies with keyword research, effective text copy-writing and website content optimization. Need help? We would be glad to discuss.

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