Website Design & Optimzation for Coin Shops

Website design for coin shops and dealers needs to capture the visual beauty of the products and rank highly in search engines. The site must be optimized to rank highly in a specific local market on predefined keywords. Main conversion actions must be predetermined. What conversion actions are desired?....generate a phone call, generate an email, complete an online order, sign up for a newsletter, link to social media?

Do you need to create an internet marketing strategy for you coin shop? The heart of that strategy starts with your website. Considerations:

  • Do you need e-commerce?
  • Do you need an easy way to self-edit the website content?
  • What is your website design budget for your coin shop?
  • What are your most important keywords? How is your market searching?
  • What are your main conversion actions?
  • Do you need blog? How will you use it?
  • What about hosting, site security and email?
  • How can you track results?

We can guide you through website planning through the launch of your optimized website. Once online, we can help you with localized digital advertising to achieve predefined objectives. Lastly, we can install tracking software to measure results. See our latest site  at

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