What are backlinks? SEO Link Building

Link popularity of your Website and Search Engine Optimization

The main component of "off-page optimization" is your back links. If they are weak, your organic rankings in Google will suffer. When Google, Yahoo! and Bing crawl your website, they take a measure of all incoming links to your website.  This measure is referred to as your link popularity.  They consider these incoming links as “votes” for your website. Some votes are powerful, and some votes can hurt you.  We analyze your current link popularity and create a custom link building campaign.  Specifically:

  1. Dovetail link building activities with coding optimization to concentrate on your high-value search terms.
  2. Establish paid links in key directories.
  3. Establish free links in key directories and other websites.

Are your back links strong or weak? We can run a free report to analyze your back links. And those of your competitors!

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