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Internet & Website Marketing Strategy

We are a professional Internet advertising agency based in Vienna, Fairfax County, Virginia. We specialize in results-based digital marketing planning. Creating a website is relatively easy and just few years back, was considered a strategy. In 2022, creating an Internet marketing strategy that achieves predefined objectives is now a critical part of the marketing mix.  And that is more difficult. A website strategy entails three main elements:

  1. Driving qualified traffic to your website

    When it comes to driving qualified traffic to your website, you have two choices: “pay for performance” or “pray for performance”. Pay for performance refers to pay-per-click and other form of paid search engine advertising. This is the ONLY way to ensure that your website will be found on the first page of the major search engines relative to your key search terms. To learn more about our managed pay-per-click advertising services click here.

    Your other choice for driving qualified traffic to your website is through your own free organic (unpaid) rankings in search engine like Google.  This is called “pray for performance” since it is difficult to obtain and maintain top rankings on all of your key search terms. The technique that attempts to obtain good free organic rankings is called "search engine optimization" (SEO). To learn more about our SEO services click here. We recommend a combination of “pray” and “pay” techniques

  2. Converting your traffic, is your rate acceptable?

    It is all about the conversations! Once qualified traffic is delivered to your site, you must convert it. A conversion is a desired action taken by your website visitors. Once on your site, what action do you want a prospect to take?
    Typical types of conversions are:

    • Generate a phone inquiry
    • Generate an email inquiry

    • Download datasheets/product information
    • Send a request for quote
    • Place on order
    • Download & insert a CAD file
    • Sign up for our newsletter
    • Link to and engage your social media
    • Open a live chat window
  3. Measuring traffic and ROI, are your investments delivering?

    Making informed digital advertising decisions requires information. For many companies Internet marketing provides the best possible ROI for their marketing dollar. And web tracking software proves it!

    We will provide an Internet tracking solution that shows:
    • Track incoming telephone calls to a marketing source
    • How many users are coming to your website.

    • How users are finding your website, keywords and desktop or mobile devices

    • The terms searchers are using to find your website.

    • Which companies/people are visiting your website

 (in only some cases can visitors be identified).

    • Your conversion rates for your website traffic.
    • Geographic dispersion of your website visitors

We can assist you with all three elements of your web strategy. If your website is not winning you enough new business, call us today at 703-425-7576 or request a free audit. We will perform research specific to your company and gauge your potential for success.

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