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“79.1% of all people in the USA have a smartphone and they are searching….. Do you have a mobile search strategy?”
Our Mobile Website Design Services:

It’s a mobile world. Sales of desktop PC’s are flat and sales of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) are booming. We track results for over 600 clients in the USA and every company has seen a major increase in mobile traffic, including industrial companies. Mobile devices need information that renders well and is fast loading. Our mobile sites will give your visitors important information at their fingertips.

As a mobile website design company, we create “Responsive” designs that are better for your mobile users than older “” designs and will positively affect overall organic rankings. Google is placing more and more optimization (SEO) benefit on page loading time and responsive design. Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration and an industry best practice.

Our designs use only one set of HTML Webpages for desktop PC's, tablets, and smartphones. Your Webpage will change automatically optimizing viewing and features for desktop or mobile users. It also allows Google and Bing to crawl your Webpages more efficiently. That means potentially higher organic rankings for both mobile and desktop searchers.

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