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Website Traffic Tracking Solutions & Analysis of Conversions

Evaluating website traffic and return on investment are integral parts of your Internet marketing strategy. Tracking software is essential to assess market and user trends, website effectiveness and opportunity for website improvement. However, raw tracking data is useless without an analysis of the data. Net Power Marketing provides the data and critical analysis.

Net Power Marketing's mix of paid and organic listing strategies can be very effective in attaining a new client base. By incorporating a website tracking system we can measure how efficient the strategy is. Our goal is to maximize your web marketing dollars while reducing costs.

“Raw Data without Analysis is Useless”

There are many types of website tracking software packages available, so finding the one that provides key data is important to the success of your Internet marketing program. We rely mostly on Google Analytics (now called Universal Analytics). Key information to look for in a tracking package:

Which of your marketing investments is making the phone ring?
Find out with Call Tracking.

This system tells you what makes your telephone ring. And it identifies the calling party. This allows you to track sales back to a particular advertising investment.

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