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“Search engine advertising is crucial these days. But, advertisers need to know what they’re doing”.
Wall Street Journal

There is no segment of internet advertising more crucial than the industrial and commercial markets. The value of a new account, or a lost business opportunity, can be significant. On a modest budget, the internet allows small and medium sized industrial businesses to compete 24/7 on a local, national or international basis.

“97% of all industrial purchasing is initiated by the buyer, not the seller. Business only buys out of necessity”.
Thomas Register.

Every day businesses are using search engines to identify new sources of supply. The key for industrial marketers is to be found when buyers are searching. To increase your chances of being found on the internet requires a plan. We can help you every step of the way to formulate an internet marketing strategy.

“Google leads as the search engine of choice for B2B searchers”.
Forrester Research Study.

83% of all B2B searchers identified Google as their preferred source. Surprisingly, most industrial and commercial companies have no specific Google strategy. As the complexity, and importance, of creating a Google strategy have increased more companies are turning to experienced industrial search agencies to gain a competitive edge. Net Power Marketing has created hundreds of customized Google strategies for B2B clients.

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Net Power Marketing offers free website audits for localized B2C, industrial, commercial and B2B companies. This audit will detail your current rankings in Google desktop and Google mobile search from any geographic location. It will also reveal how potential new customers are searching for your products or services, and how often. It will identify which competitors already have advanced internet strategies and the specific opportunity for your business.

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