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Top rankings in Google, and Bing are very valuable. In today’s highly competitive environment, attracting qualified internet traffic requires a search engine optimization plan. Do you have one? We have created and optimized over 200 websites for companies throughout Virginia and Maryland, and around the world.

Important Questions To Ask Yourself

  • The last time you checked your rankings in the major search engines (relative to your key search terms) were you happy with what you found?
  • How do potential new customers search for your product or service?
  • What search terms are they using?
  • How many times per day are new prospects searching for your product or service?
  • Which search engines are they using? Do you have a plan for better search engine optimization?   Do my competitors have an SEO plan?

The organic search engine optimization of any website is a long-term commitment.  No SEO agency has a magic wand that will instantly create high rankings on all of your search terms.  However, every website must start somewhere.  With 380 new websites going live every minute, the longer you delay search engine optimization (SEO), the more difficult the task.

  • Free SEO Audits & Consulting
  • Schema Markup Code Installed & Tested
  • Link Building Strategy & Analysis
  • Targeting Blog Copywriting
  • Google My Business Page Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Transition to Mobile, Encrypted Website
  • SEO for WordPress Websites

Organic optimization is dependent on over 200 ranking factors. A few main factors include:

  1. The age of your website.

    Google, Yahoo! and Bing keep a history of every time they crawl a website.  As such, they know if a URL is brand new or has been in existence for many years.  Older websites, especially those that have attained strong organic rankings, are more trusted by the major search engines.  We have no control over the age of your website. We do have control over your website content. It is wise to periodically add new content in the form of HTML pages.

  2. The coding of your website.

    Most websites contains both HTML pages and PDF documents.  The search engine optimization of this content is usually somewhat random in nature.   We create a plan, specifically:

    • Prioritize high-value search terms and products
    • Perform keyword research on high-value search terms to identify buyer search behavior
    • Optimize on selected high-value search terms.  This will likely entail creation of additional web pages and modification of existing web pages.
  3. Link popularity of your website

    When Google, Yahoo! and Bing crawl your websites, they take a measure of all incoming links to your website.  This measure is referred to as link popularity.  They consider these incoming links as “votes” for your website. Some votes are powerful, and some votes can hurt you.  We analyze your current link popularity and create a custom link building campaign.  Specifically:

    • Dovetail link building activities with coding optimization to concentrate on high-value search terms
    • Establish paid links in key directories.
    • Establish free links in key directories and other websites.

Effect of Search Engine Optimization in New Website Launched 2017
Organic Traffic Growth Rate Over 500%, 2017-2020
Monthly Tracking from Google Analytics

Could your internet strategy be better? Find out for free.

Net Power Marketing offers free website audits for localized B2C, industrial, commercial and B2B companies. This audit will detail your current rankings in Google desktop and Google mobile search from any geographic location. It will also reveal how potential new customers are searching for your products or services, and how often. It will identify which competitors already have advanced internet strategies and the specific opportunity for your business.

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